Worldwide Effort for COVID-19 Vaccine Records

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Tech giants with deep ties to the U.S. nationwide security state– Microsoft, Oracle and the MITRE Corporation– revealed that they had actually partnered with a number of healthcare business to produce the Vaccination Credential Effort (VCI) to advance the application of digital COVID-19 vaccination records.

According to a Reuters report, the VCI “goals to assist individuals get encrypted digital copies of their immunization records kept in a digital wallet of their option” due to the fact that the “existing system [of vaccination records] does not easily support hassle-free gain access to and sharing of proven vaccination records.” 1

The effort, on its site, 2 keeps in mind that the VCI is a public-private collaboration “devoted to empowering people with digital vaccination records” so that individuals can “safeguard and enhance their health” and “show their health status to securely go back to take a trip, work, school and life while securing their information personal privacy.”

The effort is basically constructed on a typical structure of digital vaccination “wallets” called SMART Health Cards that are implied to “work throughout organizational and jurisdictional limits” 3 as part of a brand-new international vaccination-record facilities.

The host of the VCI site and among the effort’s crucial backers is the Commons Task Structure. That structure, in collaboration with the World Economic Online Forum (WEF), runs the Common Trust Network, 4 which has 3 objectives that are comparable to those of VCI.

As noted on the WEF site, the network’s objectives are (1) to empower people by supplying digital access to their health details; (2) to make it simpler for people to comprehend and adhere to each location’s requirements; and (3) to assist make sure that just proven laboratory outcomes and vaccination records from relied on sources exist for the functions of cross-border travel and commerce.

To advance these objectives, the Common Trust Network is powered by “a worldwide windows registry of relied on lab and vaccination information sources” in addition to “basic formats for laboratory outcomes and vaccination records and basic tools to make those outcomes and records digitally available.”

Another, and associated, Commons Task Structure and WEF collaboration is CommonPass. CommonPass, which is likewise supported by the Rockefeller Structure, is both a structure and an app that “will permit people to access their laboratory outcomes and vaccination records, and grant have actually that details utilized to verify their COVID status without exposing any other underlying individual health details.”

Existing members 5 of CommonPass, consisting of JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, are likewise members of the Common Trust Network. This overlap in between the Commons Task Foundation/WEF collaborations and the VCI highlights that the WEF itself is included with the VCI, albeit indirectly through their partners at the Commons Task Structure.

The Commons Task Structure itself deserves checking out, as its cofounders, Paul Meyer and Bradley Perkins, have enduring ties to the RAND Corporation, the U.S. Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance and the International Rescue Committee, as kept in mind by MintPress News. 6

The IRC, presently run by Tony Blair protégé David Milliband, is establishing 7 a biometric ID and vaccination-record system for refugees in Myanmar in cooperation with the ID2020 Alliance, which is partnered with CommonPass backer, the Rockefeller Structure. In addition, the ID2020 Alliance funds the Commons Task Structure and is likewise backed by Microsoft, among the crucial business behind the VCI.

Wearable IDs for Your Health and Your Wallet

Overlap in between digital vaccination records, promoted by means of efforts such as CommonPass and VCI, and the push for a brand-new international digital-identity system is no coincidence. Undoubtedly, the designer of VCI’s SMART Health Cards structure at Microsoft Health, Josh C. Mandel, kept in mind in his summary discussion 8 on that structure that digital identity is important to the digital vaccination-record effort.

SMART Health Cards, currently, are anticipated to consist of an individual’s total name, gender, birth date, cellphone number and e-mail address in addition to vaccination details, though it is possible and most likely that more individual details will be needed as the effort advances, considered that VCI specifies that these identifiers are simply a beginning point. 9

While marketed as digital vaccination records, SMART Health Cards are plainly planned to be utilized for a lot more. For example, public details on the structure keeps in mind that SMART Health Cards are “foundation that can be utilized throughout healthcare,” consisting of handling a total immunization record that goes far beyond COVID-19 vaccines, sharing information with public health companies and interaction with healthcare companies.

Yet, this structure will not be restricted to healthcare details, as Mandel has actually stated. In his discussion, he keeps in mind the application of SMART Health Cards might quickly be utilized as IDs for business activity, such as leasing an automobile. The VCI structure’s usage of the term “digital wallet” to describe its digital vaccination record is likewise suggestive of future connection to financial activity.

Efforts to connect digital identity, not simply to financial activity however likewise to health information, have actually just recently intensified, for instance with the piloting of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (aka GAVI)– Mastercard– Trust Stamp collaboration in Africa.10

That program, very first introduced in 2018, links Trust Stamp’s digital-identity platform with the GAVI-Mastercard Health Pass, a digital vaccination record, and Mastercard’s click-to-pay system operated on AI innovation called NuData. Mastercard and GAVI are both partnered with the ID2020 Alliance, that includes VCI member Microsoft.

Provided the affordable speculation that such platforms would make use of digital currency, particularly cryptocurrency, for monetary activity, it deserves keeping in mind that VCI member Microsoft submitted a patent in 201911 that would permit “body activity,” consisting of brain waves and temperature, to mine (i.e., produce) cryptocurrency. This, naturally, would connect biometrics to monetary activity, to name a few things.

Such a system, as set out in the Microsoft patent, would likely need the intro of wearables in order to be executed. Significantly, many wearables for contactless identity, digital travel passes and payment gadgets have actually just recently been introduced.

Examples consist of DigitalDNA,12 Proxy,13 and FlyWallet.14 FlyWallet is especially significant as their most current item, Keyble,15 is a wearable that integrates digital identity through finger print authentication, which makes it possible for both contactless payments and health applications such as vital-sign tracking and information showing insurer and healthcare companies.

Sponsored by Spooks and Silicon Valley

The SMART Health Cards structure was established by a group led by the chief designer of Microsoft Health care, Josh Mandel, who was formerly16 the Health IT Community lead for Verily, previously Google Life Sciences.

Verily is presently greatly associated with COVID-19 screening17 throughout the U.S., especially in California, and links test receivers’ outcomes to their Google accounts.18 Their other COVID-19 efforts have actually been slammed due to still-unresolved personal privacy issues,19 something that has actually likewise pestered numerous of Verily’s other efforts20 pre-COVID-19, consisting of those including Mandel.

Of specific issue is that Verily, and by extension Google, developed Task Standard, which has actually been gathering21 “actionable hereditary details” with a concentrate on “population health” from individuals considering that2017 Yet, throughout the COVID-19 procedure, Task Standard has actually ended up being a crucial element22 of Verily’s COVID-19 screening efforts, raising the disturbing possibility that Verily has actually been acquiring Americans’ DNA information through its COVID-19 screening activities.

While Verily has actually not resolved this possibility straight, it deserves keeping in mind that Google has actually been greatly associated with accumulating genomic information for a number of years. For example, in 2013, Google Genomics was established23 with the objective of keeping and examining DNA information on Google Cloud servers.

Now referred to as Cloud Life Sciences, the Google subsidiary has actually considering that established AI algorithms24 that can “develop your genome series” and “determine all the anomalies that a specific inherits from their moms and dads.” Google likewise has close ties with the best-known DNA screening business in the U.S., such as

Origins, just recently acquired by private-equity leviathan Blackstone, shares information with a deceptive Google subsidiary25 that utilizes genomic information to establish lifespan-extending treatments. In addition, the better half of Google cofounder Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki, is the cofounder and CEO of DNA screening business 23 andMe. Wojcicki is likewise the sibling of the CEO of Google-owned YouTube, Susan Wojcicki.

Google and most of VCI’s backers– Microsoft, Salesforce, Cerner, Impressive, the Mayo Center, and MITRE Corporation, Modification Health care– are likewise popular members of the MITRE-run COVID-19 Health Care Union.26

Other members of that union consist of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel and the CIA-linked data-mining company Palantir,27 in addition to a myriad of healthcare and health-record business. The union fits well with the aspirations of Google and similar business that have actually looked for to access to chests of American health information under the guise of combating COVID-19

The COVID-19 Health care Union explains itself28 as a public-private collaboration that has actually made it possible for “the crucial facilities to allow cooperation and shared analytics” on COVID-19 through the sharing of health-care and COVID-19 information amongst members.

That this union and VCI are thoroughly included with MITRE Corporation is considerable, considered that MITRE is a popular, yet deceptive, specialist for the U.S. federal government, particularly the CIA and other intelligence companies, which has actually established29 Orwellian monitoring and biometric innovations, consisting of a number of now concentrated on COVID-19

Simply 3 days prior to the general public statement of VCI’s facility, Microsoft Health care and Google’s Verily revealed a collaboration30 together with MIT and Harvard’s Broad Institute to share the business’ cloud information and AI innovations with a “international network of more than 168,000 health and life sciences partners” to speed up the Terra platform.31

Terra, initially established by the Broad Institute and Verily, is an “open information community” concentrated on biomedical research study, particularly the fields of cancer genomics, population genes and viral genomics. The biomedical information32 Terra collects consists of not just hereditary information however likewise medical-imaging, biometric signals and electronic health records.

Google, through its collaboration with the Pentagon, which was revealed last September, has actually relocated to make use of the analysis of such information in order to “predictively identify”33 illness such as cancer and COVID-19 U.S. military specialists, such as Advanced Innovation International,34 have actually been establishing wearables that would use that AI-driven predictive medical diagnosis innovation to COVID-19 medical diagnoses.

Predictive COVID-19 medical diagnosis is likewise an aspiration of another business that backs VCI, Salesforce. Salesforce is among 3 business that developed COVID 360,35 which Salesforce senior vice president Bob Vanstraelen refers to as36 a “totally free complete Coronavirus treatment service for clients and people at threat” that is hosted on Salesforce Health Cloud and was by Deloitte’s Israel branch and the Israeli intelligence-linked AI company Diagnostic Robotics.37

COVID 360 utilizes the Diagnostic Robotics clinical-predictions platform and uses it to COVID-19 so that “federal government companies or caretakers” can determine people “in distance to a prospective favorable coronavirus case” and mandate coronavirus screening and/or treatment programs, based upon a danger profile created by COVID360 Diagnostic Robotics and Salesforce are both members of the MITRE-run COVID-19 Health Care Union.

Salesforce creator, chair, and CEO Marc Benioff was formerly a vice president at Oracle. Oracle, another VCI backer, was developed as a spin-off of a CIA job38 of the exact same name, and its magnates have close ties to the outbound Trump administration and likewise to Israel’s federal government. While Benioff’s pre-Salesforce history to a CIA-linked business like Oracle is considerable, Benioff’s close ties to the World Economic Online Forum39 likewise are worthy of higher analysis.

Benioff is not just a member of the WEF’s board of trustees, however he is likewise the inaugural chair of the online forum’s Centre for the 4th Industrial Transformation, a “transformation” that its designer and WEF creator Klaus Schwab specifies40 as a combining of human beings’ physical, digital and biological identities. Benioff is likewise the owner and co-chair41 of Time publication, which just recently ran a whole concern42 concentrated on promoting the 4th Industrial Transformation and the WEF-backed Great Reset.

Benioff likewise serves on the Council for Inclusive Industrialism,43 a partnership in between the Vatican and oligarchs to produce a “more inclusive, sustainable and relied on financial system” for the 21 st century.

Together With Benioff on the council are popular figures such as Lynn Forester de Rothschild (close partner of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons44), Mark Carney (UN special envoy for Environment Action and previous guv of the Bank of England), and William Lauder (executive chairman of Estée Lauder, nephew of Mega Group45 member Ronald Lauder) in addition to the magnates of MasterCard, Visa, Dupont, Merck, Johnson & & Johnson, BP and Bank of America. Likewise present are the heads of the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations.

Benioff and others discussed in this post are ideal examples of the cross-pollination in between groups of oligarchs and their associated structures and companies and how these networks are interacting to pursue a typical program.

While the push for integrating digital identity with vaccination records and financial activity appears, ostensibly, to be the effort of numerous companies and groups, the exact same people and entities appear time and once again, indicating a collaborated push to not just execute such a system however manufacture approval for such a system amongst the international population.

The effort to make approval for an all-inclusive digital recognition system is significant considered that its primary selling point so far has actually been browbeating. We have actually been informed that without such a system we will never ever have the ability to go back to work or school, never ever have the ability to take a trip or never ever be enabled to take part typically in the economy.

While this system is being presented in this method, it is important to mention that browbeating is an integrated part of this facilities and, if executed, will be utilized to customize human habits to terrific impact, reaching far beyond simply the concern of COVID-19 vaccines

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