Winter Season Break Activities – Kath Consumes Genuine Food

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It’s been both enjoyable and disorderly having the young boys house from school for break. Here are a few of our winter season break activities and the enjoyable, video games, and food we have actually had up until now!

^ ^ ^ We made 3 batches of Christmas cookies the week prior to the vacation!

Hot Chocolate on the Downtown Shopping Mall

Unfortunately I can’t keep in mind the last time we were downtown! I believe most likely early November when T and I had supper outside at Passiflora. It’s been cold and we have actually been hectic. However with all this vacation time on our hands, we strolled downtown one early morning and had hot chocolate on Java Java’s patio area!

Birch had his own little young child cup that I filled up with 2 sips over and over. I had a Peppermint Mocha that was tasty! I hardly ever have coffee beverages out, so this was an unique reward.

Naturally we needed to see the huge cranes at the end of the shopping mall– it’s incredible just how much they have actually constructed on this job given that the last time I neighbored!

Mazen the Hopeful YouTube Star

Mazen has actually been pleading me to let him develop his own YouTube channel. As far as I understand you need to be 13 or older to have one, so I informed him he might star in a couple of videos on my channel in the meantime. He’s really rather great on electronic camera!

Have a look at the 2 videos we made while Birch took a snooze one day: Children Space Trip and How To Prepare A Quesadilla For Kids

Winter Season Break Activities For Toddlers

This needs to most likely be its own post! We have this matching video game and Birch LIKES all of the animals!

While the video game is created to be a memory video game with the tiles dealing with down, we simply have fun with the tiles dealing with up! At age 2 it’s difficult enough to discover one Bison and after that the other Bison (and call them!) so I generally discover one and hold it up and after that Birch goes on a hunt for the other.

When he discovers it with click tiles and state “MATCH!” and put them in package. Ideally by the end of the video game, the pieces are all put away in package.

Likewise: Link 4 has actually been a hit too! He does not actually understand how to play, however putting all of the circles in the holder sure is enjoyable!!

Montessori Matching Video Game

My buddy Erica made this Montessori-inspired Desert matching set for us, and it’s so charming! She laminated the cards and purchased the animals individually (You can purchase extremely comparable ones in this Etsy store.)

Outdoors Everyday

We attempt to get outdoors every day, even when it’s cold.

This is my least preferred season to go outside if I’m not strolling to remain warm, however everybody’s state of mind is much better if we get some fresh air. 2x a day (prior to and after nap) for an hour each is our objective!

Mazen is using fleece pajamas and flip flops and Birch is head-to-toe winter season. Crazy siblings.

And when it’s drizzling … there is constantly PlayDoh! Here are more of our Young Child Art Favorites if you’re trying to find more winter season break activities.

Or turning home products into play things– like a spinning chair!


We have actually been enjoying heaven Apron meals that came the week of Christmas. We do the 4 individual strategy x 3 dishes. We prepare 2 meals on 2 successive nights and after that have the leftovers on the 3rd night. Then we prepare our 3rd meal with leftovers the next day which gets us 5 nights out of one single box.

The other 2 nights we have actually been doing one simple kid-pleasing dish (tacos, homemade pizza, spaghetti) and one takeout from a preferred dining establishment (which would be a date night in “regular” times.) We likewise attempt to select meals that can be changed a bit for Mazen, or in some cases do a frozen pizza or quesadillas for the kids if it’s more of an adult meal.

Our supermarket journeys have actually been so basic, and our refrigerator is constantly cleared out by the end of the week. Liking it! Make certain to make the most of my discount if you wish to provide it a shot

Steaks with mashed potatoes and roasted broc

Tilapia with garlicky rice and flash-pickled cucumber plus a tasty sauce on the top!

Chicken pitas with roasted carrots and tzatziki sauce

Beef, mushrooms, rice, avocado and a cilantro sauce.

ENJOYED this one!!

Tilapia with sesame orange radish and carrot salad

And our simple dish from the week: chicken tortilla soup!


We our brand-new prepare for cook as soon as, consume two times leftovers, my lunches have actually been doing not have a little! I have actually needed to get more innovative with what we have in the refrigerator.

Like this absolutely random salad with roasted fingerling potatoes, greens, POM arils, parmesan crisps and tzatziki dressing.

And this egg scramble with more fingerlings, roasted brussels sprouts, mushrooms and cheese! This was really SO great with the egg + potato combination– one I do not ever believe to do.

Remaining chicken with pita over salad. I did take the leftovers on this one!

Quesadilla with cabbage salad on the side

One week down, one to go!

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