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If absolutely nothing modifications, absolutely nothing modifications. When you take a look at the larger photo, all life modifications are developed of little actions and actions. It can be simple to get overwhelmed when you attempt to take on too much at full-force, however that’s why taking a less-is-more method is effective.

In today’s episode, Robin discusses what it implies to take a less-is-more method and how to make those little actions. She describes the value of consistency and following through with practices so they intensify with time. Sign up with Robin in this motivating episode to get more information.

Program highlights: what you can eagerly anticipate in this episode!

  • Robin shares how she utilizes her vision board to ground herself
  • How to take a less-is-more method in your physical fitness
  • The effect 15 minutes a day can have on your physical fitness
  • The power of consistency
  • The substance impact of everyday practices
  • Robin shares success stories from females in the sisterhood
  • How to make healthy practices and set yourself up for success
  • 4 little actions you can do today for future you

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