The Prepare for a Global System of Slavery

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How do you market and execute a monetary system that no one would desire if they comprehended its complete implications– a modification so substantial that it not just would indicate completion of currency as we understand it, however an overall modification of sovereignty and specific rights?

In the interview above, which becomes part of the full-length documentary, “World Lockdown,” 1 monetary master Catherine Austin Fitts– publisher of The Solari Report 2— explains the complex, “unpleasant” strategy to utilize the existing healthcare crisis to craft an overall remake of world currencies and our whole way of living.

Comparing the relocate to rounding up sheep to a slaughterhouse, Fitts describes how the pandemic is lining individuals as much as depend upon their federal governments for defense from an unnoticeable opponent (COVID-19) and after that utilizing worry to keep individuals from living what as soon as was thought about a regular life.

The herd mindset consists of motivating financial obligation entrapment to the point that individuals end up being desperate for any kind of capital that can assist them satisfy their everyday living expenditures, up until they voluntarily quit their rights in exchange for any relief provided to them.

The bottom line is that a slavery system, soaked in the ideologies of transhumanism and technocracy, is being developed right under the noses of individuals of the world– and the existing lockdowns, closing of small companies and the redefinition of “regular” are all part of a prepared international governance system that will end sovereignty and specific rights, unless it’s stopped now.

Completion of Currencies

As discussed by Fitts, the reserve banks are presently working to bring a brand-new financial deal system online. This would be CBDCs, aka reserve bank digital currencies. This is among the reasons I highly think that holding crypto possessions like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot, might serve to secure you from their strategy. Not just will they value by anywhere from 10 to 100 times, however they are decentralized and can vaccinate you and your household versus this wicked strategy.

Nevertheless, the brand-new system is not yet completely prepared, so while they’re accelerating the roll-out of that system– which Fitts refers to as “completion of currencies”– they’re likewise attempting to extend the life of the existing system, which is crashing.

The issue, as pointed out previously, is how do you execute a monetary system, internationally, no less, that nobody desires? You terrify individuals with an unnoticeable opponent, such as an infection, and after that profit from that worry, stating that this brand-new system is essential since the pandemic ruined the old system.

The pandemic likewise enables the execution of brand-new, more intrusive monitoring systems. There’s the tracking and tracing of infections, naturally, however that’s not all. As kept in mind by Fitts, “If you can get individuals to do their work and education online, you can listen to whatever they’re stating.”

Currently, pandemic procedures have seriously restricted individuals’s capability to gather and share details in person. Web censorship by Huge Tech has actually annihilated details sharing even further. Eventually, what they’re attempting to do is get individuals to purchase into an option prior to they comprehend the complete implications of doing so.

The Reserve Bank Digital Currency

So, what is this brand-new system? Significantly, it’s a deal system that is not based upon currency in the method we understand it. As discussed by Fitts, it’s a social control system. By eliminating paper currency and changing it with an all-digital reserve bank digital currency (CBDC), your capability to participate in deals can be switched on and off.

An August 13, 2020, post 3 on the Federal Reserve site goes over the expected advantages of a CBDC. There’s basic arrangement amongst specialists that a lot of significant nations will execute CBDC within the next 2 to 4 years. Numerous presume these brand-new CBDCs will be extremely comparable to existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, however that’s not the case.

It is vital to comprehend that Bitcoin is decentralized. Federal governments might limit it, however they might never ever take it down as it is the greatest computing network worldwide and is incapable of being removed. Remarkably, in the last 6 weeks, it has actually seen explosive gratitude and has actually tripled in rate. Numerous specialists forecast it will increase another 10 times in the next year.

While decentralized cryptos like Bitcoin are a logical method to pull out of the existing reserve bank regulated system, the CBDC will be centralized and entirely managed by the reserve banks. They will have “clever agreements” that enable the banks to surveil and manage your life.

Whatever you purchase and offer will be kept track of, and penalty can be portioned if a deal, your habits or perhaps your ideas are considered unwanted. As discussed by Fitts, the transhumanist program is likewise part of this. For instance, through using injections or some other ways of getting biosensors into you, your real physique will be linked, actually, to the monetary system.

Currently, there are 4 pilot CBDC programs underway at individuals’s Bank of China, the Eastern Caribbean Reserve Bank, the Bank of Korea and Sveriges (Sweden’s) Riksbank. The Sand Dollar CBDC task in the Bahamas is currently live. 4 As kept in mind in a December 30, 2020, post on 5

“2021 will … see numerous reserve banks continue to step up their advancement efforts … CBDC research study and style efforts have actually grown highly throughout2020 The European Reserve Bank (ECB) is heightening its deal with a digital euro, while … the U.S. Federal Reserve system remains in the middle of a variety of research study tasks, to name a few partnering with MIT’s Digital Currency Effort.”

What Have the Lockdowns Achieved?

According to Fitts, the function behind the lockdowns is to significantly centralize financial and political control. In other words, the objective of the lockdowns is to make individuals based on federal government help by damaging their capability to make an independent earnings. She provides the copying:

” We have 100 small companies on Main Street in a neighborhood. You state them inessential, shut them down, [and] unexpectedly Amazon, Walmart and the huge box shops can can be found in and eliminate all the marketplace shares.

Individuals on Main Street need to keep settling their charge card or their home loan, so they remain in a financial obligation trap, and they’re desperate to get capital to cover their financial obligations and everyday expenditures.

In the meantime, you have the federal reserve institute a type of quantitative alleviating where they’re purchasing business bonds and the people who are using up the marketplace share can essentially fund at 0% to 1%, while everyone on Main Street are paying 16% to 17% interest on their charge card without earnings. So, essentially, you have actually got them over the barrel and you can eliminate their market share …”

A War Like No Other

Without doubt, this is a financial war on the working class. Because the start of the pandemic around March 2020, the best transfer of wealth has actually happened, from the middle class to the most affluent amongst us. Back in August 2020, Bloomberg reported 6 that over half of all small company owners feared their services would not make it through. They were right.

According to a September 2020 financial effect report 7 by Yelp, 163,735 U.S. services had actually closed their doors since August 31, 2020, and of those, 60%– an overall of 97,966 services– were irreversible closures. 8 On the other hand, the cumulative wealth of 651 billionaires in the U.S. has actually increased by more than 36% ($ 1 trillion) considering that the start of the pandemic. 9

As kept in mind by Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, “Never Ever previously has actually America seen such a build-up of wealth in so couple of hands.”10 A December 14, 2020, post11 in The Protector evaluations who has actually taken advantage of pandemic procedures the most, from the financing and tech markets to the pharmaceutical and military-intelligence sectors.

” I would explain COVID-19 as … the organization of the control essential to transform the world from democratic procedures to technocracy,” Fitts states. ” What we’re viewing is a modification in control, and the engineering of brand-new control systems. Think about this as a coup d’├ętat.”

Basically, the infection will be blamed for all our financial destruction, from the disintegration of our social security funds to the empty coffers in the treasury, and the response will be to shift into this technocratic control system camouflaged as a brand-new, easier monetary deal system.

Riots as a Realty Acquisition Strategy

In her interview, Fitts likewise describes research study done by her group that reveals the rioting that took place in 2020 mainly took place in chance zones in cities that have a reserve bank place. The U.S. Economic Advancement Administration explains chance zones as “an economically-distressed neighborhood where personal financial investments, under specific conditions, might be qualified for capital gain tax rewards.”12

Fitts is a bit blunter in her description, stating chance zones are a tax shelter system that permits rich people to prevent capital gains tax when selling stock. By rolling the profits over into chance zone financial investments, they can prevent paying capital gains tax. “So, this is exceptionally successful,” she states, including:

” When I initially saw how all the structures and services ruined … were right at the bottom of the chance zone, I began to laugh and I stated, ‘I was assistant secretary of real estate. That’s not a riot pattern, that’s a property acquisition strategy.'”

Basically, by closing down personal services in the chance zones, and after that robbery and actually burning them to the ground sometimes, those services and structures can be purchased up for next to absolutely nothing. “It’s called catastrophe commercialism,” Fitts states.

Now, 34 of the 37 U.S. cities that have a federal reserve bank branch were ruined by riots. Why is this crucial? Since now that property can be purchased on the low-cost, and be restored with clever innovation– a requirement for a well-functioning technocratic system– integrated in.

” This makes developing out the clever cities around the federal reserve banks more affordable,” Fitts describes, “which I presume you’ll wish to do if you’re going to bring out a [central bank] crypto system.”

From Flexibility to Digital Slavery

As pointed out previously, the transhumanist program is part and parcel of technocracy. The standard concept is to place biosensors into everybody, which Fitts states can be corresponded to an os, which is then linked to the cloud and other digitized systems, such as the healthcare and monetary systems. Fitts describes:

” You’re essentially discussing having the ability to digitally determine and track individuals in connection with their monetary deals. So, it’s a world of no personal privacy. However more significantly … if you then set up several reserve bank cryptos, you’re now discussing a system where every reserve bank worldwide can shut you off separately from negotiating if they do not like the method you’re acting.

Lots of people recognize with the social credit system in China. It’s extremely comparable. If you set up a clever grid into their vehicle, their neighborhood, and now actually in their body, you have 24/ 7 monitoring and if individuals do not do what you state and act the method you desire, you can shut down their cash.

You likewise have spatial control. If you state individuals can not take a trip more than 5 miles, that’s it, since they remain in a total digital control system … So, this system includes control of not just your capability to negotiate economically … however likewise extremely advanced mind control through the media and those cloud connections.

So, transhumanism and technocracy go together. I would explain this as a slavery system. We’re discussing moving out of liberty where we have liberty to stroll and state what we desire, to a total control system 24/ 7.”

Personnel Management

As discussed by Fitts, the technocratic view of humankind is extremely various from the view the majority of us have of what it indicates to be human. The majority of will most likely concur with Fitts, who thinks human beings are sovereign beings who are totally free by magnificent authority. This is the view preserved in the U.S. Constitution and Costs of Rights.

Technocracy, on the other hand, views human beings as a natural deposit, no various from an oil deposit or animals, and they are to be utilized as such. People might be basically effective than a robotic, for instance, depending upon the task at hand, and effectiveness exceeds humankind.

To reduce issues within this personnel management system, there requires to be optimal compliance with very little effort, and this is where social engineering through media propaganda (brainwashing), censorship and expert system can be found in. For the many part, as soon as completely carried out, the control system will be completely automated.

If you miss your vaccination date, for instance, the system will understand and access to banking may be cut off up until it signs up that you got your shot. There does not even require to be another human included, since your physique, health records, geolocation, activities and financials are all linked and trackable in genuine time by synthetic intelligence-driven software application that evaluates whatever you do.

” The Chinese have a system called the social credit system and it’s quite connected their monetary deals and various capabilities– travel and [being able to do] other things– through their habits …

We’re discussing a world where many people are under 24/ 7 monitoring and after that their monetary rewards and their monetary power is associated with how well-behaved they are.

I would explain it basically as a slavery system, since there’s no individual liberty. So, to a specific level, what technocracy will do is turn us into a comparable kind of system as the Chinese social credit system.”

According to Fitts, the technocrats do not even consider themselves as belonging to humankind any longer. They see themselves as different and exceptional to the rest people. And, in the future, they unquestionably will be, as medical improvements and life extension innovation are refined.

Openness Is the Response

The bright side is that while the trap has actually been sprung, the door has actually not yet closed. And, as Fitts notes, “openness can blow the video game.” If sufficient individuals wind up comprehending what’s actually going on and what the objective of this “Terrific Reset” is, they will not have the ability to execute it.

The technocratic elite require all of us to passively give in, since there are much more people than there are of them. Once again, that’s what the pandemic procedures are attaining. We’re growing to accept work and travel limitations. We’re growing to accept federal government informing us where and how we can commemorate vacations, and with whom. All of this would have been unimaginable a simple year back. However we can not let this approval continue to grow.

As kept in mind by Fitts, slavery is the most successful service in the history of the world, and with modern-day innovation, total control is now possible. Any and all disobedience can be satiated. Innovation likewise permits a much smaller sized group of individuals to wield remarkable power over the masses.

That stated, it’s vital to understand that we are in fact the ones funding and assisting develop the extremely control system that is indicated to shackle us. We work for business that are developing the system. We purchase items from them, which permits them to create the required income. If we stop purchasing their items and we quit working for them, they can not develop the system.

” The service is for everybody to come tidy,” Fitts states. “You’re either for the transhumanist slavery system, or you’re for a human system. If you’re for a human system, then you’re going to need to discover a method to earn money, and engage socially, in the human system, and stop developing a transhuman system …

Do not assist the federal government develop Operation Lightning speed. Do not assist [Big Tech] determine how to inject nanoparticles into your body and hook them as much as the cloud. Do not assist Big Pharma make injections that are poisoning American kids to death.

Do not assist Huge Ag make and grow GMO foods that are poisoning America. Do not assist the federal government institute corrupt health crises guidelines that are actually catastrophe commercialism and making billionaires abundant. And on and on and on.”

We have actually done this previously. The natural motion, for instance, was constructed by typical individuals who chose to put their money and time into a food system that lined up with their standard worths. As an outcome, we have choices today when it concerns food. It’s not all GMOs and phony food If we wish to live totally free, we now need to act upon that desire, thoroughly rebuilding how we live and connect in order to reduce our contribution to the transhumanist technocratic control system.

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