How to get ride of a double chin


How to get rid of a double chin

A double chin which is also known as submental fat, is a common condition that usually occurs when a layer of fat forms below the chin. This condition is usually associated with weight gain and diets which are high in calories, processed foods and unhealthy fats. That said, weight gain is not always the cause of a double chin, although it can greatly contribute to it. Other factors, including age, genetics and posture can also result in double chin. For instance, some people develop a double chin as a result of loose skin caused by aging. In addition, genetics can also cause a double chin, considering that the condition runs in certain families.

Even though there is no scientific evidence to prove that chin exercises can be effective in alleviating a double chin, there is anecdotal evidence to back the claims. Muscle exercises which target the neck as well as the face can help burn fat in the neck, thereby getting rid of double chins. That said, some of the most common exercises that are effective against double chins include;


Straight jaw jut

To do straight jaw jut, you simply need to tilt your head back while looking at the ceiling. Then you push your lower jaw forward in a bid to feel a stretch under the chin. Ensure that you hold the jaw jut for a 10 count. Finally, relax your jaw and return your head to a neutral position.


Ball exercise

You can also reduce a double chin by indulging in ball exercises. You simply need to place a 9- to10-inch ball under your chin. Then, proceed by pressing your chin down against the ball. You can repeat this as many as 25 times on a daily basis, in a bid to eventually get rid of a double chin.


Pucker up

Pucker up is quite easy to do and the best thing about it is the fact that it helps in alleviating double chins. To do the pucker up exercise, you need to look at the ceiling with your head tilted back. Then pucker your lips as if you are kissing the ceiling. While at it, you will notice that you are stretching the area beneath your chin. Of course, you should stop puckering and return your head back to its normal position after a few minutes.


Tongue stretches

If you have a double chin, you can as well try out the tongue stretch exercise. You can do this by sticking your tongue out as far as you can while looking straight ahead. Then proceed by lifting your tongue upwards towards your nose. Finally, hold your tongue for about 10 seconds before releasing it. Repeat as many times as possible for optimal results.


Neck stretches

You will never go wrong with the neck stretch exercise since it is effective in alleviating double chins. Neck stretches are easy to do and you simply need to tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. While your head is tilted back, you should press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and hold for 5 to 10 seconds before releasing.


Bottom jaw jut

You can as well get rid of a double chin by doing a bottom jaw jut. Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Then turn your head to the right and later, slide your bottom jaw forward. Hold for about 5 to 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat the process with your head turned to the left.



Whistling is another exercise that is effective in reducing double chins. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck. To whistle, you should sit on a table with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. Then tilt your head backward to look at the ceiling. At this juncture, fold your lips as if you want to whistle, and hold the position for an estimated 10 to 20 seconds. You will then notice that your lips have compressed so tight that you can feel a concentration on your neck. You can repeat this exercise as many as ten times per session.


Chest inflating

Chest inflation also helps in reducing double chins. To do this, you should stand or sit as far as possible while inflating your cheeks. Hold this position for about three seconds and with the inflated cheeks, tilt your chin to your chest. Also hold this position for an estimated 3 seconds. Then relax your muscles and repeat the process 10 to 20 times.


Lion Yawn

The point of the lion yawn exercise is to open your mouth as wide as a lion does. However, you must sit in a relaxed position and while your mouth is wide open, stick out your tongue as far as possible. Then, stay in this position for up to 10 seconds and repeat the exercise as many times as possible. Once this exercise is performed correctly, the muscles of the chin and neck will become instantly tensed.


Chewing gum

Chewing a gum is another effective exercise for people wishing to lose a double chin. The truth is that chewing a gum is considered a small workout for the muscles of the face, especially the jaw. More so, according to scientific evidence, chewing gums makes you more full, thereby reducing the number of times you eat and the amount of calories in your body.

Aside exercises, you can also reduce a double chin caused by weight by adopting healthy eating habits. This therefore implies that dieting also plays an important factor when it comes to alleviating a double chin. That said, some of the tips to losing weight in a bid to lose a double chin include;

  • Consuming four servings of vegetables daily
  • Eating three servings of fruits daily
  • Avoiding processed and fried foods
  • Reducing sugar intake
  • Controlling the portion of meal consumed
  • Eating low fat dairy products
  • Ditching refined grains for whole grains
  • Eating lean protein like fish and chicken
  • Eating healthy fats, including olive oil, avocados, and nuts.

Of course, besides diets and exercises, there are other ways of losing a double chin and some of such effective methods are as follows;


Facial masks

Facial masks are recommended in losing a double chin because they help tighten the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of a double chin. Masks made with glycerin, coffee or green tea are particularly effective as they tighten the skin on the chin. Moreover, a daily homemade mask of egg white, honey and lemon juice will also help reduce fat around the chin.



Mesotherapy is all about introducing certain compounds into the chin in a bid to dissolve fat. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this process is complex and could last up to 6 months. Besides, it requires about 100 injections and your nerves may be damaged in the process if the procedure isn’t done correctly.



Cosmetic procedures like liposculpture can equally help in reducing a double chin. It should be noted that Liposculpture is a process that removes fat with either a laser or with suction.