Resistance Band Deals With and Add-on

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Resistance band handles - Ross Enamait

Following a current entry about resistance band training, I got many concerns about the deals with demoed throughout the video. With that in mind, I’ll utilize this entry to offer a couple of responses and directions. Resistance bands can undoubtedly be utilized by themselves, however there are times when I delight in including a deal with or customizing the grip. Doing so can boost a few of the workouts as you’ll see listed below.

Band Manage and Add-on Demonstration

In the video that follows, you will see me enliven my band training with rope, PVC pipeline, galvanized pipeline, and a homemade manage that I initially demoed on this website practically 10 years earlier.

1. Manila Rope

Thick manila rope (ex. 2-inch) includes a grip difficulty to practically any pulling workout. Resistance band rows are no exception. If you do not have rope, a thick towel can likewise work well (ex. a big beach towel).

2. Homemade Resistance Band Manage

The one hand band manage that you see in the video is made from 3/4 inch pipeline. The parts list and directions are rather basic.

  • 2 5 1/2 inch pipeline nipples
  • 2 1 1/2 inch pipeline nipples
  • 3 90 degree ports

Completions of each pipeline nipple are threaded so each piece screws into the next. A close up image can be seen here You’ll see how I likewise covered the pipeline in tape to offer a smooth surface (optional).

This manage has actually served me well for several years. It is perfect for single arm workouts such as rows, curls, overhead presses, and so on. I discover it especially helpful when working versus a strong band or numerous bands. I can concentrate on carrying out the workout without being sidetracked by attempting to fit large or numerous bands into my hand.

3. PVC Pipeline

I likewise utilize a 2 foot piece of 1.5 inch PVC pipeline for numerous workouts such as rows, band knocks, and tricep extensions. PVC is resilient, affordable, and ought to be simple to discover at your regional hardware shop.

4. Galvanize Pipeline

If you do not have PVC, galvanized pipeline can be utilized also. I tend to utilize both as I have a number of pieces of pipeline in the fitness center that function as homemade dumbbell deals with. As far as which works much better with bands, there is no distinction. My recommendations would be to utilize whatever you have access to and/or what you can discover in your area.

Last Ideas

In summary, resistance bands work well by themselves, however I choose including a deal with for much of my preferred workouts. The deals with definitely aren’t a requirement, however they are basic and affordable to construct or obtain.

If you have any additional concerns about the deals with or bands, do not hesitate to message me or comment listed below.

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