Redefining health by yourself terms with Robyn Downs

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With every day comes a brand-new variety of things to do, options to make, and true blessings to count. Today’s visitor, Robyn Downs shares how she’s ended up being “fantastic at the essentials” and used her systems to arrange and prioritize her life. Robin Long and Robyn Downs talk about the advantages of “workout snacking”, the motivation for Robyn’s brand-new book, and conquering the pressure of the physical fitness and health market. Sign up with Robin in this episode filled with concrete ideas you can use to your day-to-day practices.

Program highlights: what you can eagerly anticipate in this episode!

  • What a day in the life appears like for Robyn
  • The advantages of “workout snacking”
  • How Robyn needed to move her psychological method to health
  • Robyn shares how she practices the 80/20 guideline in her life
  • How to make anchors of concerns and understanding when to remain no
  • How to restrict unneeded choices and choice tiredness
  • How Robyn and her spouse handle child care
  • Why you should not attempt to take whatever on alone
  • How the health market has actually put pressure on body image

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