Plant Based Diet Plans Increase Bone Fractures

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Long-lasting, peer-reviewed research study of 55,000 individuals discovers that vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians struggle with drastically greater threat of bone fractures.

Weak and breakable bones are, in the bulk of cases, a threatening indication of a nutritionally lacking diet plan. That holding true, those following numerous kinds of plant-based diet plans are putting their bone health at threat according to a large, long-lasting research study released in November 2020 by the peer-reviewed journal BMC Medication

This research study builds on previous research study exposing that plant-based diet plans stop working to effectively support bone health. For instance, vegetarians struggle with much more cavities and other tooth issues than those who consume meat.

ALL Plant-Based Diet Plans Connected to High Fracture Danger

The research study’s findings sum up years worth of information invested tracking the diet plan and fracture threat of about 55,000 individuals in the UK. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 29,000 meat-eaters (omnivores)
  • 8,000 were pescatarians (vegetarians who consume fish)
  • 15,500 were vegetarians (dairy and eggs taken in however no meat or fish)
  • 2,000 were vegans (just plant foods taken in)

All of the individuals registered in the EPIC-Oxford research study in between 1993 and2001 IMPRESSIVE describes the European Potential Examination Into Cancer and Nutrition, among the world’s biggest mate research studies.

The research study examined information gathered over an 18 year duration. Throughout that time, approximately 3,900 fractures took place:

  • 566 damaged arms
  • 889 damaged wrists
  • 945 damaged hips
  • 366 damaged legs
  • 520 damaged ankles
  • 467 fractures of other bones, consisting of the ribs, spinal column, or collarbone.

Vegans, vegetarians, and even fish-eating pescatarians all showed greater threats of fractures than meat-eaters, sometimes, astronomically so according to lead author Tammy Tong, a dietary epidemiologist at the University of Oxford.

Hip fracture threat in vegans was 2.3 times greater than in individuals who consumed meat, comparable to 15 more cases per 1,000 individuals over 10 years,” she stated. In addition, vegans likewise had a greater threat of fractures throughout the body, along with fractures of the legs and vertebrae when compared to the meat-eaters. ( 1 )

Fracture Danger Continues after Changing for BMI

Lona Sandon, a program director in the department of scientific nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, had this to state about the outcomes.

The findings are not awfully unexpected. Vegetarian and vegan diet plans are not constantly healthy and can do not have lots of nutrients. ( 2 )

While plant-based diet plans are connected with lower body weight, among the factors they are so popular, changing for BMI did not eliminate the stubbornly high threat of fractures for those who do not consume meat. In specific, vegans struggled with a greater particular threat for damaged legs and hips. ( 3 )


Therefore, while consuming plant-based might be popular to accomplish vegan-skinny status, it is dangerous to bone health no matter whether an individual is vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian. This according to a massive, long-lasting research study of 55,000 individuals released in a peer-reviewed journal!

Could this be one factor for the epidemic of damaged bones in teen women over the last few years, a growing variety of whom prevent meat due to peer pressure and incorrect online messaging? This significant case of a vegan lady with breakable bones made extensive headings.

Because some individuals prevent meat for ecological factors, it is very important to get the word out that there is a method to consume meat morally, and in so doing, strike hard versus markets that abuse animals and world Earth at the same time. That course includes the assistance of regional, sustainable grassfed household farms!


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