New Employer in the area – Kath Consumes Genuine Food

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” My Entire Soul Remains In This”

– Joe Biden

I enjoyed the inauguration the other day and felt remarkable sensations of relief, hope, and optimism. Not just did I feel President Biden’s speech originated from his great heart, however I liked how straight he discussed the difficulties our nation is dealing with. There was no eluding.

And Vice President Harris! What a special minute for females, and female of color especially. I welled up with feeling when she was sworn in.

I believed the emphasize of the speakers was Amanda Gorman, whose poem was exceptionally effective, on point, and magnificently spoken.

I hope that no matter what your core political beliefs are, we can concur that this nation got the revitalize it required the other day.

My Home Has A Brand-new Employer Too

Mazen and Birch have actually been playing “entrepreneur” these previous couple of days.

Mazen is the one in charge (naturally) and Birch aka Mr. Blippi is his partner. I’m unsure if Birch understands what’s going on, however he does what Mazen states, which normally includes coloring.

Keep in mind the bowtie and “match” :mrgreen:

( Likewise unsure what market they remain in with the skull and crossbones drawing … eek!)

Here are they remain in the back workplace. They arranged me for a consultation. I believe they in some cases run a psychologist practice and in some cases a service consulting company. They have a deep skill stack!

They likewise work long hours– I hope they are making great cash for all the work they’re putting in!

Food + More

Here are a few of my meals recently!


Basic yogurt bowl with plain yogurt, bananas, almond butter, and crispy granola. #BetterBeauty coffee.

B likes the “unique yogurt” too when it can be found in a “unique” cup.

Remarkable Spoon

Remarkable Spoon meals FTW! We had a busy-ish week and the arrival of this stock up box was ideal timing. I had 2 of the shakes for my breakfast and a noodle bowl for lunch. I’m actually into their noodles!

Remaining pizza + salad

Mellow Mushroom Cosmic Karma (remaining from Grammie + Pea’s see) and a basic spinach salad with TJ’s truffle almonds!


Blue Apron Cilantro Chicken

Blue Apron Cilantro Chicken with roasted veggies. I’m a sauce woman through and through, and this was one saucy supper!

Black Bean Enchiladas

These were Blue Apron black bean enchiladas with rice and kale. A huge dollop of sour cream and great deals of sriracha on the side! We had this meal 2 nights today.

Crab Cakes with Coconut Rice and Beans

And a basic meal of enjoyable discovers from Whole Foods. The crab cakes were frozen, and I purchased them to keep in the freezer for simple nights. We believed they were respectable!

And the coconut rice was from a rack steady pouch. It ended up a little dry, however that may have been our fault. Will attempt once again time due to the fact that I enjoy coconut and it was so simple.

Mozzarella stick a perk from the kid supper: )

The Lion

Keep In Mind when I discussed we have a lion who resides in our area?

HERE HE IS! Sweet Birch is now frightened of him due to the fact that one time he was up versus his fence and captured B by surprise.

Patio Area

Planning ahead to spring … consider this your prior to photo! Now that the huge sofa is on the screened-in deck, we require a much better delighted hour scenario down in the open air. To be continued …

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