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A master list of my most-used, attempted and real cooking area fundamentals: from pots and pans to knives, devices, and essential tools, this is an extensive list of items I utilize regularly.

Kath stirring a pot of oatmeal on the stove.

I believed it would work to produce a well-liked cooking area fundamentals list!

With a concentrate on minimalism (a chaotic cooking area is my worst headache!), these are my preferred cooking tools that I utilize almost daily.

There is a large range of rates consisted of in this list

From devices that you can discover on sale to devices, like a Vitamix, that are rather costly. I ‘d rather have something that I enjoy like a Vitamix last me 10 years (it has!) than a lots less expensive ones turnover because time.

These are the important things I utilize EVERY DAY.

We undoubtedly have more products in our cooking area than noted below, however these these are my fundamentals

As you understand I’m everything about a neat house, I absolutely discover myself drawn to devices and pots and pans that can multi-task. Rather then having a cabinet (or 3!) blowing up with various pans particular for one function, I’m everything about items that can do all of it– like the Always Pan.

Let’s dive into the cabinets … here are the KERF cooking area fundamentals!

Open kitchen cupboards with white stacks of white plates and bowls.

My Cooking Area Basics List:

Pots and Pans

Our Location The Always Pan— this is my most recent pan and I am consumed! The within is lined with a nontoxic ceramic finishing, and you can do anything inside: braise, burn, steam, stress, saute, fry, boil, serve. It includes a helpful cleaner basket too. Note this pan was talented to me.

All-Clad 12 ″ Frying Pan— this has actually been our go-to, daily primary cooking frying pan for a long period of time, however the Always Pan is taking the leading area nowadays! The All Dressed frying pan is big, broad and heavy so I utilize it for cooking huge meals– like 4 huge pieces of salmon or chicken.

Calphalon 3.5-Quart Pot— this pan is the best size– not to huge, not too little. I utilize it for oatmeal, spaghetti sauce, and little meals (like cranbrerry sauce).

Le Crueset 12″ Frying Pan— this big, flat frying pan is terrific for pancakes and quesadillas (which I make daily!) due to the fact that it has low flat sides.

Calphalon 8 quart Stock Pot— my go-to for big soups, sauteing a lots of kale, or boiling pasta.

Hand holding set of black measuring cups.

Cooking Area Tools

Salad Spinner— obviously you might clean and dry kale by hand, however why would you !? A salad spinner is a need to have.

OXO Garlic Press— mince 3 cloves at the same time. Love this thing.

OXO Peeler— I have actually utilized some weak peelers in my time, however this one is strong and smooth. I choose a Y peeler myself.

Spoonulas— terrific for scraping sides and scooping all in one.

Wood Spoons— we have a range of wood and silicone utensils

OXO Microplane— perfect for grating garlic for dressings, zesting lemon, grating nutmeg, and squeezing lemon juice to capture the seeds

Box Grater— go-to for cheese

OXO Pizza Cutter— we utilize this day-to-day for quesadillas and weekly for homemade pizza night

OXO Rubber Bottom Mixing Bowls— these are my favorites due to the fact that you can rough them up and they will not break. I enjoy that there are simply 3 sizes: little, medium, and big. I utilize these every day for salad making to pancake batter.

Medium Colander— a like a little one for cleaning berries

Big Metal Colander— and a huge one for pasta or potatoes (bonus offer if they stack for storage!)

Glass Stacking Bowls— I utilize these as meal preparation bowls and enjoy the range of sizes. Little bowls for a sauce and huge ones for sliced veggies to keep the cutting board clear. These likewise make an excellent Hugh Jass salad consuming bowl!


Vitamix— my own was talented to me by Vitamix in 2009 and is still looking as brand-new as it did the day it showed up. If it were to break I would 100% change it.

Cuisinart Coffee Machine— I enjoy this coffeemaker due to the fact that it does not have a glass carafe! You push a button to give the coffee. (I have actually shattered one a lot of carafes!)

Breville Electric Kettle— we utilize this day-to-day in the winter season for tea! It’s actually quick compared to the stovetop or microwave.

Rice Cooker— I enjoy any device you can set and forget, and we make almost all of our grains in this one, from quinoa to oatmeal.

Breville Toaster— we utilize this day-to-day for toast or baking little things like a private pizza for Mazen. I’ll never ever return to a pop-up toaster due to the fact that you can do many things in this kind!

Breville Microwave— I enjoy our microwave due to the fact that it has a turn wheel to include time– a lot faster than pressing buttons!

Slow Cooker— while I do not utilize my sluggish cooker daily, it’s on the list due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing like it. When I do utilize it, I enjoy it!!


Sheet Pans— we have both little and big ones for various requirements.

Little and Big Casserole Cuisines— multi-use for both prep work and baking.

Pizza Stone— we enjoy our stone for pizza making, so if you’re a pizza-loving household, this is an essential.


We have a number of other knives, however these are my favorites.

Avoid Ultimate Serrated Energy Knife— this is my preferred knife in our cooking area. The serration is terrific for cutting little fruits and veggies, like red peppers and pears, and it little size is terrific for my hand.

Avoid Timeless Chef’s Knife— however obviously you got ta have a timeless chef’s knife for all the huge things! And the slicing.

Wusthof Bread Knife— this bad kid is SUPER sharp and terrific for crusty bread or watermelon.

Cooking Area Shears— got ta have these for opening things and snipping herbs

Wood Cutting Boards– ours were handcrafted by Thomas’s bro!

Hands holding set of gold scissors over open kitchen drawer.


Fit Together Utensil Dividers— for all your house cool house requirements! I like the metal ones due to the fact that they look better than plastic and do not break or splinter like wood.

Glass Tupperware Containers— we utilize these all the time, daily for our leftovers.

Lazy Susans— a need to have for an arranged!

Respectable Reference

These are extra products we have that do not make the “fundamentals list” due to the fact that we do not utilize them as typically:

The Clickable Gallery

Kath in kitchen opening drawer of kitchen tools.

What are your most utilized, important cooking area tools?

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