Mass Death of Birds and Fish: Exists a Cover?

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Dead Fish Puzzled by the mass deaths of birds and fish in Alabama? It’s likewise occurring somewhere else, throughout the Eastern and Southern U.S. and worldwide– Gizmodo has a useful map of all the U.S. occasions.

The Activist Post uses some theories. Prior to you read them, nevertheless, remember what Yahoo News needs to state about the topic:

” … [M] ass die-offs occur all the time and typically are unassociated … Federal records reveal they occur typically every other day someplace in The United States and Canada. Normally, we do not observe them and do not attempt to connect them to each other …

And there have actually been much bigger die-offs than the 3,000 blackbirds in Arkansas. Two times in the summertime of 1996, more than 100,000 ducks passed away of botulism in Canada.”

Here are the theories noted by the Activist Post:

Mainstream Descriptions: These have actually consisted of lightning, hail, mid-air crash, power lines, and New Year fireworks for the birds, and an illness for the fish. However this looks like a heck of a coincidence, and where are the roasted birds from a lightning strike?

Meteor showers: Throughout this duration of extreme seasonal meteor shower, some individuals reported hearing sonic booms in the location that may have been an indicator of a regional shock wave.

New Madrid Geological Fault: Could it be associated with the current earthquake activity along a geological fault that runs along the mid-eastern area of the U.S.? Could it have distributed toxins into the water and environment?

Federal government screening: Just specific types have actually been impacted, however within the whole area. And some reports have shown that the organs of the birds were melted– could this link species-specific bio-weapons?

GMOs: There are other die-offs are occurring throughout other types, such as bees and bats. Some believe they might be poisoned by genetically customized plants.

Geoengineering: Could spraying in the location have triggered this?

HAARP: Both birds and fish browse in extremely collaborated methods. Could the HAARP range off in Alaska have short-circuited their navigation systems? Or is it the outcome of electro-magnetic contamination for other human gadgets?

Scalar Defense: Some question if the cause is directed energy beam weapons released by means of satellite.

Job Blue Beam: Another theory is a sound generator weapon.

Geomagnetic and other Earth modifications: The magnetic pole is moving. Contribute to this a diminishing magnetosphere and falling oxygen levels, plus a boost in sun activity and magnetic storms.

Update: A Wisconsin laboratory has actually obviously figured out that the birds, a minimum of, passed away of blunt force injury

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