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Love the Bailey’s however not the sugar? Attempt my simple dish for Keto Irish Cream Liqueur. Pleasantly velvety and less than 1g carbohydrates per serving.

Dive to Dish

Titled image of a shot glass full of keto Irish Cream on a tray with the bottle full of the sugar-free liqueur.

Would you think me if I informed you that this sugar complimentary Irish Cream liqueur is much better than Bailey’s? I see you rolling your eyes. However hear me out!

I am not in fact a fan of the genuine thing and never ever have actually been. I discover it excessively sweet and cloying. The very same chooses numerous sweet liqueurs.

However I long earlier found the delight of making my own liqueur, and my sugar complimentary Kahlua is a fan preferred, specifically around the vacations. I have actually likewise attempted my hand at making sugar complimentary Frangelico

This Keto Irish Cream has in fact been on my blog site given that 2014, when I made some Keto Irish Cream Brownies I chose to offer it a little upgrade and I am so grateful I did.

It’s scrumptious and I even took pleasure in drinking it plain. Which’s why I believe it’s much better than the genuine offer!

Close up shot of keto Irish Cream being poured into a glass.

Irish Cream Desserts

I wished to upgrade this homemade Irish Cream dish since I keep seeing remarkable desserts made with Bailey’s– I was feeling a bit excluded, to be sincere.

There is my keto brownie dish, obviously. However I have actually likewise identified any variety of stunning cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes made with the popular liqueur. I likewise discover myself returning, time and once again, to this gorgeous Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse from Lemon Tree Residence

I chose that this year, I simply needed to participate in the Irish Cream baking enjoyable in time for St Paddy’s Day. So I worked up a scrumptious batch of this simple Keto Irish Cream and got to work.

I have some cupcakes coming quickly! And I might need to attempt my hand at that mousse after all …

A cocktail glass with ice and sugar-free Irish Cream liqueur on a metal tray.

How to make Keto Irish Cream

Irish Cream liqueur includes a couple of standard active ingredients:

  • Whipping cream
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Vanilla extract and/or almond extract
  • Great deals of Irish scotch

Making the condensed milk

To make a keto friendly variation, the primary step is to make a sugar complimentary condensed milk alternative.

I discovered I didn’t require to go the complete method of making my keto condensed milk dish. I might just simmer the cream and the non-dairy milk to lower it and get the very same general result.

Utilize some allulose or BochaSweet

Swerve is my preferred sweetener without a doubt however it does have its downsides and among them is the truth that it can recrystallize in a liquid application such as this.

Changing half of the Swerve with some allulose or BochaSweet assists keep it from doing this. It likewise has actually the included advantage of making the mix more syrupy, like genuine Irish Cream liqueur.

Chocolate syrup vs. cocoa powder

If you take place to have any of my sugar complimentary chocolate syrup helpful, you might utilize that. However it’s yet another action to the procedure if you need to make it from scratch. You might likewise utilize a pre-made keto chocolate syrup such as ChocZero.

However I just included a tablespoon of cocoa powder. You get the very same result and it streamlines the procedure if you do not have any keto chocolate syrup helpful!

Irish Scotch

Go grab yourself a bottle of Jamison or other Irish scotch since it isn’t Irish Cream without it!

Sweeten to taste

Sweet taste in a dish like this is constantly a matter of taste, so I have actually left it open ended in this keto Irish Cream dish. I do not like mine excessively sweet however if you taste it and discover it doing not have, blend in more powdered or liquid sweetener.

Storage directions

Due to the fact that this keto liqueur is made with fresh cream, it must be kept in the fridge at all times.

Do not feel you need to hurry to consume everything. Due to the fact that it the cream is given a boil, and since it consists of a considerable quantity of alcohol, it will not ruin rapidly. It must be great for as much as 2 weeks.

A bottle pouring keto Irish Cream into a glass full of ice.

More scrumptious keto mixed drink dishes

Close up shot of keto Irish Cream being poured into a glass.

Keto Irish Cream Liqueur

Love the Bailey’s however not the sugar? Attempt my simple dish for Keto Irish Cream Liqueur. Pleasantly velvety and less than 1g carbohydrates per serving.






keto irish cream

Portions: 16 portions

Calories: 79 kcal


  1. In a medium pan over medium heat, integrate the cream, hemp milk, Swerve, allulose, cocoa powder, and instantaneous coffee. Give a boil, then lower the heat and simmer 20 to 25 minutes, till lowered by about one quarter.

  2. Eliminate from heat and blend in the scotch, vanilla extract and almond extract. Taste and change the sweet taste to your taste.

  3. Let cool entirely and after that move to a glass container or bottle. Cool till cooled.

Nutrition Truths

Keto Irish Cream Liqueur

Quantity Per Serving (2 tablespoon)

Calories 79
Calories from Fat 48

% Daily Worth *

Fat 5.3 g 8%

Carbs 0.8 g 0%

Fiber 0.2 g 1%

Protein 0.4 g 1%

* Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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