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Keto Cranberry Brie Bites are the best bite-sized appetisers for New Year’s Eve. This post is sponsored by Pete and Gerry’s Eggs.

Titled image of Keto Cranberry Brie Bites on a wooden cutting board with champagne and glasses in the background.

2020 is waning and I make sure we can all concur that it’s been rather a year. Rather a year! The similarity which the majority of us never ever anticipated to experience. And I believe it’s safe to state the majority of us (everyone?) would be completely pleased never ever to have such a year once again.

While we can’t understand what 2021 brings, I state it’s time to commemorate completion of an insane year. Our events might be much smaller sized and more intimate than in years past however we require these events more than ever today.

I’m generally the one sleeping by 9: 30 pm on New Year’s Eve. What can I state, I am a woman who likes her sleep! Being on west coast, we have the benefit of clinking glasses at 9pm as the ball drops in New york city City. However this year, I might require to gut it out and bid farewell to 2020 correctly.

Bye-bye, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, sayonara! Video game over, case closed, git outta here! Strike the roadway, Jack, and do not ya return …

Mini ket tarts filled with brie and sugar-free cranberry sauce, with organic eggs in the background

Keto Appetizers for New Year’s Eve

There’s something about NYE that shrieks appetisers and mixed drinks. It might simply be my household this year however we’re going bite-sized all the method.

Beginning with these cute and scrumptious Cranberry Brie Bites. They’re the best low carbohydrate vacation appetiser, a bit tasty and a bit sweet. And they pop into your mouth in one simple go.

The crust is an almond flour based pastry, made with eggs to assist it hold together correctly. And what eggs would I utilize for such a special event as completion of 2020? None aside from Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, naturally.

I have actually made it clear for many years that they are my egg of option. I have actually been purchasing their eggs for several years since they are really natural, really sustainable, and really gentle. It’s been such an enjoyment developing dishes for their site, understanding that their farming practices embody a lot of of the worths I love.

Your keto cranberry brie bites will taste that far better, when you understand you utilized the very best components!

Keto cranberry brie bites on a wooden platter, surrounded by twigs of rosemary.

How to make Keto Cranberry Brie Bites

These are as enjoyable to make as they are to consume! Here are my finest pointers for getting it best:

  1. If you have any leftover sugar complimentary cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving, you can utilize that for the cranberries. I constantly wind up with excessive and I freeze it for other usages. However if you’re going back to square one, make sure to make the cranberry sauce initially so it’s all set when you are putting things together.
  2. Make sure to grease the small muffin tins, to enable the tarts to launch quickly. I brushed my own with some avocado oil.
  3. This keto pastry is simple to deal with, since the eggs assist bind it together. It’s versatile and simple to position in the small muffin tins however do not attempt to press it down into the bottoms or it might stick more throughout baking.
  4. Unlike standard pastry, you can re-roll this dough as much as you like. It remains tender and simple to deal with, and does not get difficult the more you deal with it, as a wheat based pastry would.
  5. The brie will be a lot easier to deal with when it’s cold. Brie is sticky and gooey at the very best of times, however more so when it’s warm, so keep it cooled till you sufficed.
  6. This makes a great deal of mini cranberry brie bites. That may be the correct amount for a bigger celebration, however if you’re having a more intimate event, you can make a half batch rather.

Please see my Keto Cranberry Brie Bites on Pete and Gerry’s website!

Nutritional Details

Makes 48 bites, 16 portions (3 bites per serving)

Food energy: 178 cal
Overall fat: 14.97 g
Carb: 5.11 g
Overall dietary fiber: 2.31 g
Protein: 6.91 g

Close up shot of keto pastry filled with sugar-free cranberry sauce and brie

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