Huge Waves, Sharks, & Dealing With Your Worries with Bethany Hamilton

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Her most significant worry, the unimaginable … It took place. However rather of being the headache she pictured, it ended up being the response to her prayers. You might keep in mind finding out about her on the news.

At 13- years-old, Bethany Hamilton lost her arm to a 14- foot tiger shark. However simply 4 weeks later on, she was back in the ocean, re-learning how to browse, and would later on go on to win a nationwide title.

In her words, “You do not require simple, you simply require possible.”

Bethany’s story has actually motivated millions through the smash hit film Soul Internet User, and the acclaimed documentary, Unstoppable (I likewise included her story in Whatever is Figureoutable about not letting any reason hold you back!). I enjoy how this Soul Internet user continues to deal with brand-new worries and handle larger waves– both in the ocean and the world.

In this MarieTV, we discuss how to get rid of disastrous problems, the power of following your worry, and why it’s never ever far too late to follow your dreams.

The video game is not to attempt and get rid of issues, it’s really to be strong enough to manage them. @bethanyhamilton Click To Tweet

You’ll likewise find out:

  • How to manage an unforeseen loss.
  • Why “working more difficult” will not fix your issues– and what to do rather.
  • The power of owning your story (and sharing it properly).
  • What science needs to state about living a long, happy life.
  • Why it’s never ever far too late to reboot those half-finished objectives.
  • What truly fuels success (spoiler: it’s NOT inspiration).
  • The BIGGEST wave Bethany ever surfed– and why she craves it.

If you’re all set to brave the waves of your life with strength and grace, this episode is a must-watch. And do not miss out on Bethany’s unique present to our MarieTV neighborhood listed below this video.

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Bethany is a shining example of how you can get rid of hardship and remain real to yourself However, she never ever declared it was simple. She braved the browse once again due to the fact that “My love for surfing exceeded my worry of sharks.”

If you wish to discover the guts to face your worries? Let your enthusiasm make you brave.

Now, let’s turn this insight into action.

Do not overthink this– simply opt for your gut-level reaction. In the remarks listed below, share your responses to these 2 concerns:

  1. What is one dream or “huge wave” in your life that frightens you?
  2. What could you achieve if you let your love for your dream exceed your worry of stopping working?

Keep in mind, despite the fact that our culture likes to include high low and high lows, the majority of our successes and failures will NOT be as significant as nationwide browsing titles and shark attacks.

As Bethany states, “You never ever understand when your next success will be. You can will yourself to prosper as much as you desire, however a great deal of times you simply need to keep putting along up until it occurs.”

Keep choosing your dreams due to the fact that the world truly does require that unique present that just you have.

P.S. Want more peace and less turmoil in your life? Bethany Hamilton is using an unique present to audiences of MarieTV. Find Out More about Bethany’s Exist course and utilize the code MARIE to register for complimentary.


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