How to Plant Fresh Pumpkin Seeds

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The simple procedure of preparing and planting pumpkin seeds from a newly sculpted or sliced pumpkin for growing in the garden.

Fresh pumpkin seeds conserved from a batch of homemade puree make a tasty treat. They likewise grow rather easily if you clean them up and plant them in your garden!

I grow pumpkins in both my Fall and Spring gardens. They are among the couple of veggies that flourish all year long as long as the conditions are right. Tropical pumpkins even grow in the summer season heat and humidity of Florida!

I utilize the fall harvest to make pumpkin puree for baking throughout the vacations and spring ranges for slicing and roasting in the oven. This dish for teriyaki chicken utilizes roasted pumpkin as one example of how to utilize this vegetable in mouthwatering meals.

Planting Fresh Pumpkin Seeds

If you have actually never ever attempted planting pumpkin seeds in the past, understand that even the seeds from supermarket pumpkins will grow! Nevertheless, you might not get what you anticipate considered that pumpkins and squashes cross-pollinate rather easily. Hence, the outcome is most likely to be a hybrid from the moms and dad ranges that produced the shop pumpkin. This hybrid might or might not benefit consuming.

Your best option is to stick to the seeds from a natural, ideally treasure pumpkin from an independent organic food shop or a regional farmer’s market. Then, you can utilize these seeds for planting along with consuming!

Perfect Temperature Level

Make sure that you plant the pumpkin seeds after all opportunity of frost has actually passed. The soil temperature level likewise requires to be 65 ° F (18 ° C) or above.

It is necessary to keep in mind that pumpkins require a big quantity of area to grow. It is suggested that you plant the seeds a minimum of 20 square feet (2 sq. m.) being required for each plant. ( 1 )


I have actually seen some sources that recommend that pumpkin seeds need to be soaked initially prior to planting. While soaking seeds to remove antinutrients is necessary if you mean to consume them, I have actually not discovered this action to be required for planting functions.

Simply wash them well to eliminate all the little bits of pumpkin flesh, dry them off and shop in an airtight container in a dark cabinet up until you are prepared to plant. The video listed below shows the easy procedure.

Plant a Couple Of Seeds in Each Mound

Pumpkins do effectively when you plant the seeds straight in the ground about 1 inch deep. An area that gets complete sun is best, though light shade will work too. ( 2 )

I plant 4 treasure seeds in little installs about 5 feet apart. This helps with drain with lots of space for each vine to grow.

Then after they grow and grow for a week or more, I thin the young plants down to the 1-2 best-growing vines. ( 3 )

Pumpkins require a great deal of water and sun to grow, however at the very same time, do not like the soaked conditions. Thus, guarantee that they get about 1 inch of water as soon as weekly in soil that drains pipes well. Attempt to prevent getting the leaves damp when you water.

Hand weed as frequently as required to keep undesirable plants from completing for nutrients.

I choose numerous smaller sized pumpkins to one giant one per vine. If you are opting for size, you will require to pinch off some fruits so that each vine can focus development in a single pumpkin.


It takes about 75 days for pumpkins to ripen. Cut the stem no more detailed than 1-2 inches from the fruit to guarantee longer freshness.

Pumpkins are prepared to gather when the color is ideal for the range you’re growing, and the skin feels tough to the touch.


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