How I got rid of incapacitating stress and anxiety

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Much of us deal with the worry of the unidentified. The anticipation of what would take place can frequently be difficult, and for those with stress and anxiety, crippling. Stress and anxiety can frequently lead you into a spiral that you do not understand how to leave and while you might feel alone in this experience, you’re not.

Today, Robin speaks about her experience with stress and anxiety and how she conquered it. She shares sensible and quickly appropriate strategies to assist you take control of your stress and anxiety. If you wish to discover how you can distance yourself from incapacitating ideas, sign up with Robin in today’s discussion.

Program highlights: what you can anticipate in this episode!

  • Robin shares her story with stress and anxiety
  • Adjustments Robin made to conquer stress and anxiety
  • Being proactive in daily practices
  • How Pilates increases awareness and produces peace
  • The advantages of therapy and cognitive behavior modification
  • Techniques to interact stress and anxiety to your liked ones
  • Preferred verse on stress and anxiety: Philippians 4:6 -7

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