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Handstand pushups on PVC parallettes

I just recently shared a picture of handstand pushups from my homemade PVC parallettes. Quickly after publishing the photo, concerns started dripping into my inbox about how to make the parallettes and whether they were resilient. With that in mind, I’ll utilize this brief entry to resolve those concerns as I have actually had the parallettes because 2011 and enjoy them for a range of workouts.


To start, many people do not recognize how strong PVC pipeline in fact is. In the video listed below (the 7th workout demoed), you can see me carrying out handstand pushups from the parallettes while using a weighted vest. My weight plus the vest is an unimportant quantity compared to what the PVC can deal with.

Arrange 40 1.5 inch PVC has a tensile strength of 954 pounds. Arrange 80 1.5 inch PVC has a tensile strength of 1225 pounds. Tensile strength is determined by hanging weight from the pipeline up until it flexes or fractures.


L-sit on PVC parallettes

As specified above, I have actually had these parallettes because2011 They have actually been utilized frequently throughout that time by myself and numerous professional athletes. A few of those professional athletes have actually consisted of heavyweight fighters weighing over 225 pounds. There has actually never ever been a single breakdown. I truthfully do not discover any wear or tear on the parallettes after practically 10 years of service. I can’t state the very same about a number of the business training tools that I have actually bought.

Components List

To start, if you type PVC parallettes into Google (see listed below), you will discover loads of tutorials. Parallettes are a typical diy job.


When I initially made my parallettes however, I think I utilized this tutorial (with a couple of adjustments).

As far as what you’ll require, here belongs list

  • 8 feet of 1.5 inch PVC (I utilized schedule 40 PVC)
  • 4 x PVC T-connectors
  • 4 x PVC 90 degree elbow fittings
  • 8 x PVC end caps
  • PVC Cement (optional)
  • Hacksaw


Homemade PVC Parallettes

The assembly of the parallettes is simple. I initially cut the following pieces for each parallette.

  • 1 x 18 inches (top)
  • 2 x 8 inches (vertical uprights)
  • 4 x 5 inches (horizontal assistances)

I then freely used PVC cement to each accessory, protected them firmly, and let the parallettes dry over night. The rest is history.

Please keep in mind that some tutorials do not discuss making use of PVC cement. I decided to utilize it nevertheless to enhance each connection.

Last Ideas

If you are seeking to enliven your bodyweight training, PVC parallettes may be a rewarding financial investment. They are outstanding for a range of pushups, handstand pushups, L-sits, bodyweight tricep extensions, and so on. The overall expense of the parallettes will be very little for what you’ll have the ability to make with them. I can’t suggest them enough. And for the record, I am not sponsored by your regional hardware shop, so I stand absolutely nothing to get if you make and utilize your own parallettes!


” You can do more great by being great than any other method.”– John Wooden

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