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All of us understand Hindsight Is2020 Here are some ideas on the previous year beginning with my January 2020 word of the year and ending in the middle of an insane pandemic.

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I do not believe anybody might have anticipated all the twists and turns of2020 Hindsight is 2020 is going to be the buzz expression of the century.

I reflect on my Word of the Year post from last January (it was a great one!) and I plainly keep in mind composing it. I was absolutely fired up and stimulated coming out of Birch’s very first year and pumped to return into action. Really, I believe I’m blending the sensations with January of 2019 when I returned from maternity leave. It appears an entire year is missing out on from my brain. Ha. That must inform you something.


I tend to get fired up every January therefore I make certain I was both years. Extremely fired up and after that– BOOM– strategies altered.

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All of us discovered a lot this year

There isn’t an individual in this nation who wasn’t impacted by COVID in some shape or kind. I believe a lot of us have actually discovered a lot from this experience. We have actually tweaked what we do and do not desire in life.

I am really really grateful that both Thomas and I had the ability to continue working. While we both struck some speed bumps in April and May, we had the ability to do our tasks, unlike a lot of company owner out there. My heart breaks for those markets most impacted.

This year we discovered how to amuse our kids All The Time and how to value the outdoors. We discovered a lot about the racial oppressions that continue to pester our world. We discovered that females can be Vice President which this nation is a lot more divided than anybody understood.

We are grateful for our households more than ever.

My 2020

My huge job for 2020 was expected to be a GEEK KERF course. That undoubtedly didn’t take place. However 2021 will be the year it does!

A year ago I composed:

” I likewise wish to have time to deal with the blog site too: tidying up my website, making posts simpler to discover, SEO enhancing and upcycling older material. Plus side tasks: producing thoughtful e-mails for my lists, potentially composing an e-book on house company, mentoring my Beautycounter group

All things I achieved.

My website was revamped, posts have actually been upgraded (although I still have a long methods to go), and I have actually 6x my Pinterest views.

I likewise enhanced my e-mail list, composed a little e-book on salad dressing (although I offered it away), and my Beautycounter group grew by leaps and bounds this year.

A year ago I was worrying about which instructions to take this blog site.

Do I compose for my present readers or readers who I want to have from Google? Or both? I chose I do not require my blog site to be an empire for traffic. I desire it to seem like strolling into the comfortable house of among your besties. Considering that none people can in fact do that today personally, I hope this area will constantly feel that method to you online.

Kath and family on a blue sofa

My 2021 word of the year is a great one. And I’ll be sharing it next week!

To Be Continued …

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