Flat Tummy Diet

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A flat stomach is the main goal of life for most slimming girls. Extra pounds have an unpleasant property to manifest itself in the waist, and here also the swimming season on the nose. It is believed that to get a perfectly flat stomach is possible only in the gym. However, in addition to the swing press, you should add a special diet – it is called the “Flat belly diet”. At the same time, to get rid of excess fat, following this diet, you need to make a bet on fat too! More precisely, the fats are monounsaturated. It sounds fantastic, but how does it really work?


Scriptwriters The flat belly diet ( Flat Tummy Diet ) was invented in 2008 by two American women: nutritionist Cynthia Sass and editor-in-chief of the magazine about healthy lifestyle Liz Vakeiriello. They published a book of the same name, which instantly became a bestseller. In the book, the authors described the diet for 32 days, which is based on one of the discoveries of nutritionists from Yale University: if there is less “harmful” fat and more “useful”, those extra pounds go faster from the waist. In this case, the diet allows you to sometimes eat chocolate, does not require any rare products or complex recipes, and you also do not have to starve. The secret of success. The diet is based on the five main components of the diet: nuts/seeds, avocados, olives, dark chocolate and vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, and flax seed). They should be included in every meal.


All five of these products contain large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids. They reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the cardiovascular system and are generally recommended by nutritionists in almost all food systems for losing weight. These fats should account for up to 30% of calories every day. A total of 1 600 calories per day is recommended. Bonus: all five products — “fat fat” for a long time leave a feeling of satiety. You will not want to have a meal just an hour after breakfast (even if it is modest), which means you will eat fewer calories! Phased approach the diet of the flat stomach is divided into two stages. For the first four days, you must get rid of bloating and digestive problems, cleanse the body and prepare it for the actual diet. During these four days during each meal you will need to drink a special cocktail — Sassy Water, named after the author of the diet, Sylvia Sass. Its recipe is simple, it is especially easy to cook it in summer. Ingredients:2 liters of water;1 teaspoon grated ginger;1 cucumber without skin, cut into thin slices;1 lemon, cut into slices;12 mint leaves.


All ingredients must be mixed in a large decanter, cover with a lid and leave to infuse overnight. You will need to drink these two liters during the day. It may be that one of the causes of your rounded tummy is digestive problems. If so, the magic cocktail will quickly get rid of it! At the first stage (four days), only 1,200 calories are allowed to eat per day. They should be divided into three meals — without snacking. Do not forget to drink Sassy Water food every time. A sample menu for one day of the first stage looks like this. Breakfast: a glass of Sassy Water on an empty stomach, 200 g of rolled oats, low-fat milk (hot), add raisins and seeds or pine nuts. Lunch: baked salmon, jacket potatoes.


Dinner: vegetable salad. The meaning of the first stage is not to overeat and put the digestion in order. Therefore, we categorically reject fast food and various trans-fats (sausages, wieners, convenience foods), and also say a firm “no” to desserts. Instead, we eat everything that is light and healthy, but not starving. Nutritionists also recommend that in these four days trying to follow all the principles of proper nutrition: chew food thoroughly, not be distracted by eating, eat at the right time, and not at night. Of course, it’s best to follow these rules all the time, so if you always wanted to stop having a cup of coffee and eat a sandwich for lunch, it’s time to start.


The second stage of the flat belly diet

The second stage of the flat belly diet lasts four weeks — exactly 28 days. Here at this time, we will lean on the five “fat eliminators” with their monounsaturated fatty acids. Authors of a diet recommend during this period to eat four times a day (with a second breakfast) and to consume up to 1 600 calories per day. Shopping list: nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, pecans, etc.), avocados, olives, olive, linseed and sunflower oils, bitter chocolate, lean meat and fish, whole grain bread, legumes, low-fat dairy products, celery, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplants, apples, citrus fruits, salad, arugula, spinach. A sample menu for the day at the second stage looks like this.


Breakfast: milk, cottage cheese, banana smoothies and 2 tablespoons of nuts (for example, almonds). Second breakfast: a salad of carrots and apples, sprinkled with pine nuts. Lunch: chicken meatballs, vegetable stew in olive oil. Dinner: tilapia, a salad of tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, arugula, and avocado. Useful tips, Chocolate is best eaten in the morning, as a first or second breakfast. Be sure to choose high-quality chocolate, it should be at least 65% cocoa. Wherever possible, replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones. Sandwiches instead of butter can be mashed avocado puree, avocado can also make guacamole sauce, fatty sauces like mayonnaise, replace with olive oil, and if you unbearably wanted to just something to chew, let it be a handful of almonds. Eat regularly.


The break between meals should not exceed four hours. Ideally: 8:00 — breakfast, 11:00 — second breakfast, 15:00 — lunch, 19:00 — dinner. Do not forget about Sassy Water! Cocktail can be carried with you in small beautiful flasks. Well, besides a cocktail, drink more pure water — it activates the metabolism and your kilos leave you faster.