Eating a meal a day. Is it profitable?

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Eating a meal a day, is it profitable?


One of the prominent regiment that can help people lose weight is taking one meal a day. An individual is allowed to consume food only once, dines and eats less food during the day in this type of regiment. This regiment is characterized by variation of a prolonged time frame of fasting and consumption of food. It involves the use of a ratio which is 23:1, meaning an individual does not consume anything for 23 hours and only allowed just 1 hour for consumption in a day. Although, we have numerous choices for one meal a day, few options offer healthy, nutrients-rich foods, nevertheless a higher percentage of this form of the regiment gives freedom to consume whatever food a person wants to consume.


Numerous scientific researches and studies have been carried out on the consequences of an-hour-regiment. Be that as it may, majority of the studies and researches are executed in the males, therefore not so much is known about it’s consequence on the female gender because of the female hormonal cycles, so it consequences varies from one female to another. Since the females have different nutritional requirements from that of male gender. The following are the advantages of one meal a day regiment as shown by studies;
.This regiment doesn’t make a person count calories.
.This type of regiment doesn’t constraint any products.
.It helps reduce blood sugar and weight in people,  especially those with the type 2 diabetes.
.Improves sleep and nutrition in obese people, which in turn elongate their lifespan.
.It also plays a very important role in the cardiovascular system and also helps the memory.
There are serious danger for people most especially those with comorbidities, diabetes or low blood sugar(HYPOGLYCEMIA),so it is very important for them to consume food regularly throughout the day to avoid any serious consequences, which may include;   .Hunger .Weakness
.Inability to concentrate
.It increases cholesterol level, which may lead to high risk of cardiovascular diseases and possibly stroke.
.High risk of over-eating.
Withal, there are other ways to lose weight, although one meal a day rudiment may be attractive to people who want to lose weight rapidly.  OTHER WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT.
.One important way is eating a balanced and nutritious rudiment, that is, eating of enough fruits and vegetables and lowering the intake of food with high calorie.
.Another sure way of loosing weight is by performing regular exercise take for example jogging or aerobics.
.Keeping a food diary.
.People tend to lose weight when they get support from loved ones to do so.
.Regular check up with a doctor from time to time.
Notwithstanding, there are scientifically based evidence of the consequences of a meal per day rudiment, much research is needed to be done to check if the rudiments is safe and consequential for loosing weight, most especially in the case of the female gender.
Remarkably, is eating one meal a day profitable?