Dose exercise bring about weight loss?



If you have it in mind that some couples of exercise in the gym will help exterminate the extra pounds,you are misguided.Exercise is implausibly to help you lose weight as shown by a advanced and recent study. The SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, NUTRITION AND METABOLISM is where those research findings were published.

From the University of Bangor(Bangor University) in the UK came researchers who subsequently found out that women who played sports 3 times a week for about 4 to 8 weeks and didn’t alter their regiment did not lose weight. In the study are two experiments;


34 women aged between 18 to 32 years are trained three times a week for four weeks.


In this experiment 36 women of the same age group were trained for 8 weeks.
From the start and at the end of each of the experiments, the weight, muscle and fat mass of each woman were measured. Their blood samples were also made available for measurement of hormones level which includes hormones like Insulin, Leptin, Amylin,Ghrelin and peptide YY, because those hormones are capable of affecting hunger and consumption of food.
During the experiments, subjects, that is, the women had no idea about the real reason behind the experiment, although they were told that the experiment will evaluate the consequence of exercise on knowledge and this was done to simply avoid conceivable bias, whereas the purpose was to determine whether exercise can lead to weight loss in women.

When the end of the programs came, programs which lasted 4 and 8 weeks respectively, researchers got to know that there is no significant weight loss by any of the subjects(women) irrespective of their body size whether thin, overweight or obese before the commencement of the study.
Above all, researchers found out that women who were overweight or obese had hormone changes that were associated with increased Hunger, which partly she’d more light on why exercise does not lead to weight loss. The researchers accentuate that physical exercise alone is not enough to loose weight.
Notable Quotes from the researchers include the following:
“When people start exercising, they often limit their diet, consciously or unconsciously, this can distort the effect of the exercises,” the researchers explain.
“Our body is so well regulated that it always finds a way to compensate for the loss of energy after a workout,” says Hans-Peter Kubis. “Whether women know it or not, but physical activity or exercise can lead to increased appetite, and therefore it is harder for a person to lose weight.”
“To lose weight, you need to combine physical exercise with a diet,” says Dr. Kubis. “Knowing how much muscle and fat is in our body is more important than knowing how much we weigh. When we focus only on weight, we cannot achieve improvement through training. ”