Beautycounter Clean Deo: Tidy Odors Great on You

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Trying to find a tidy antiperspirant? The brand name brand-new Beautycounter Clean Deo works, smells fantastic, is devoid of aluminum, and can be found in a refillable plan.

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I have actually been utilizing the Tidy Deo because May a.k.a. all sweaty summer season. In soccer video games, at the beach– all the sweaty locations. While I have actually attempted numerous other tidy antiperspirants, this one is without a doubt my favorite. Here’s why.

Beautycounter Clean Deo Evaluation

The antiperspirants I utilized in the past

Previous to getting the brand-new Tidy Deo in the mail I was utilizing Dove antiperspirant, which I have actually utilized for about 20 years minus a couple of trials of cleaner items here to there. I had yet to discover a tidy antiperspirant that I liked.

Formerly I attempted Primally Pure’s Charcoal antiperspirant (obtained my sibling’s) and wasn’t wowed and Ursa Major and didn’t like the aroma or feel.

I SIMULATED the aroma of the Native Coconut antiperspirant, however I discovered my sweat odor a little too present.

I am SUPER PICKY about antiperspirant smells and the only antiperspirant (previously) I ever enjoyed was Dove’s Cucumber Melon. It worked and smelled excellent. However it was an anti-perspirant and my long-lasting objective was to discover something tidy I liked. So picture my enjoyment when I initially discovered that Beautycounter was making one.

I keep my life streamlined by adhering to one brand name I rely on for all of my individual care requirements, and I was thankful to be able to inspect another item off the list I would not require to go discover at a pharmacy when I went out.

Beautycounter Clean Deo in a box being held by hands

Beautycounter Clean Deo Scents

When my plan arrived I was so anxious since the aroma of an item can either make or break it.

This isn’t a little serum that sinks in– this is an item you’re going to get whiffs of all day! I purchased the trine so I might attempt them all.

Fresh Coconut — a revitalizing mix of tropical coconut, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla. WITHOUT A DOUBT my preferred!!! I enjoy the odor a lot, and it’s mild and subtle. It smells much like you put your nose in a container of coconut oil and is the most “odorless” of the 3.

Tidy Rose — a modern-day arrangement of newly cut roses, with notes of geranium and pepper tree berry. This one is my 2nd favorite. I like the odor a lot. It is a huge more powerful than the coconut (aka I can smell it on) however I truly like the odor so that’s ok!

Soft Lavender— calming notes of lavender with a tip of sweet vanilla. The lavender began as my least preferred since lavender in basic is not one of my preferred aromas, however this aroma has actually truly grown on me! If you enjoy lavender, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s more of a French lavender than a pure necessary oil lavender, if that makes good sense.

Clean Deo peeking through the box window in two hands

What’s the Active ingredient list like?

Cornstarch and Sodium Bicarbonate: Interact to assist soak up dampness and keep skin dry, while likewise assisting to reduce the effects of body smell.

Coconut Oil and Shea Butter: Natural emollients abundant
in necessary fats and nutrients to assist skin feel hydrated, nourished, and smooth.

Candelilla Wax and Beeswax: Help in conditioning and hydrating skin.

Beautycounter clean deo on a gray cement table with plants

So … Did it work?

I fidgeted to attempt the Tidy Deo since truthfully I didn’t anticipate it to work!

I figured at finest I may be able to use it in the winter season, however didn’t rely on it operating in the summer season.

However I truthfully have not missed out on Dove one bit! The only times I smelled anything bad wafting from my body were times when I either forgot to reapply or put it on too rapidly aka didn’t get a thick sufficient layer on.


  • The aromas are fantastic– specifically the coconut and increased
  • I had no difficulty with sweat odor or underarm inflammation.
  • I didn’t have any sort of “detox” duration (see listed below)
  • There was no requirement to reapply throughout the day. I do put deo on after every shower, which often is two times a day, so I may utilize it more than the typical individual. However I never ever needed to stop what I was doing to put more on.
  • Refillable containers! While the preliminary item is $28, the refills are $18, conserving plastic too. By making The Tidy Deo refillable, Beautycounter cut its water, nonrenewable fuel source, and greenhouse gas emissions by an approximated 47%.


  • Thick formula– Compared to Dove, the formula is thicker and I have concentrate when using to ensure it swipe it on uniformly and regularly. Nevertheless, once it’s on, it’s not sticky, which is fantastic. The Ursa Major I attempted was menthol-y and sticky and I didn’t like the sensation at all.
  • Unclear on clothing– To be reasonable, I have never ever discovered an antiperspirant that does not make my black clothing white if I drag them by my underarms. This one is no various– put clothing on thoroughly.
  • It’s not low-cost. However this is among those “vote with your dollars” times that you get what you spend for. If you wish to support a B corporation taking actions towards enhancing quality of item for individuals and world, then this is a great one.

Total: I’m a fan and I’ll be utilizing this for the long run!

You can purchase Tidy Deo here and refills here

Yes this is summertime me since the Deo was expected to release in Sept!

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Tidy Deo Frequently Asked Questions

Why We Sweat

Sweating is natural and required. It becomes part of our natural detoxing procedure, assisting to get rid of heavy metals and hazardous BPAs from the body. It’s likewise a method for the body to manage temperature level. That stated, nobody likes the odor that typically accompanies underarm sweating!

What’s the distinction in an antiperspirant and antiperspirant?

Antiperspirants (like The Tidy Deo) work to reduce the effects of smells, whereas antiperspirants manage and avoid sweat– utilizing components like aluminum, which can plug sweat ducts and avoid the body’s natural detox procedure.

Why is the Tidy Deo more secure?

The Tidy Deo is created without aluminum, which can possibly obstruct pores and impede the body’s natural detoxing procedure. Plus, Beautycounter does not utilize artificial scents, which can be connected to unfavorable health results. (Shout-out to our 100% active ingredient openness policy for ALL items.)

You may require to sweat it out!

If it’s your very first time utilizing a natural or aluminum-free antiperspirant, it can take numerous weeks for your underarms to shift far from the germs and contaminants that have actually been caught in sweat ducts by antiperspirants.

I didn’t experience any sort of “shift” stage, however if you discover that things are a little even worse in the beginning, this is why. Provide it a long time prior to you really decide. Beautycounter has a 60 day return policy with complimentary return shipping, so if you do not enjoy it– simply return it.

Charcoal Can Assist Detox Your Underarms

To assist speed the procedure along, you can utilize the Charcoal Face Mask on underarms as soon as a week, and wash underarms daily with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar or the Counterman Charcoal Body Wash, which is what we keep in our shower. (Pointer: get the Charcoal Mask free of charge when you update to our benefits program listed below.)

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How to conserve cash: Register for band of appeal

Register For Band of Charm when you make a Beautycounter purchase. Band of Charm is a VIP subscription, like Amazon Prime. It’s $29 a year and does not automobile restore. You secure free shipping on all $100+ orders, 10% back in item credit each time you go shopping, and a welcome present– a tiny size set of our Overnight Peel and Charcoal Face Mask (to assist detox your underarms, if you require it!)– when you invest $50 or more.

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