Beat the VAT Increase on Supplements

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Health Suppliments – Irish Vat

In Ireland Health Supplements will, for the first time, be subject to VAT from January 1st.
This move comes despite a U-turn by the govenment in March & the health industry campaigning vigorously against it.

All our products will have the Reduced VAT rate of 13.5% added to the price.

We will be increasing the price of Heart Essentials, Joint Essentials and Cholesterol Essentials from January 1st.

We want all of our valued customers to know in advance that the prices will be going up and to give everybody the opportunity to Shop Now before the end of the year and avail of the pre-VAT pricing,
so if you are planning to order online or at one of our stockists, please do so before the new rate of VAT is applied. 

Save over 13% – Shop Now!

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