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Thanks so all of you who took my 2021 KERF Study! I have actually examined the outcomes and have some enjoyable responses to your concerns.

Here is a few of the study information:

I’m not shocked by this at all, specifically given that the kind of blog site reader to take my study is most likely a veteran one who misses out on the “excellent old days!” On my list of 2021 objectives is to compose more individual, day-in-the-life design article. Is it safe to state that the following circle has actually taken place:

  • 2007– Nobody was blogging about their lives online. Way of life blog sites began to appear.
  • 2010– Everybody had an individual blog site!
  • 2014– The blog writers that stood firm begun to head more in an evergreen, topical, Google, SEO instructions and a few of the individual connection was lost.
  • 2018– Instagram is queen of individual and blog sites are tiring unless you’re looking for something particular
  • 2021– KERF comes cycle and is the only individual blog site out there :mrgreen:

I joke … however I DO wish to be more individual and less searchable since I am tired of combating with Google and wish to stand apart for being a human!

So you wish to see more day in the life posts! Kept in mind. I likewise believe it’s fascinating that parenting and dishes got many votes however neither was anywhere near the top of the “preferred type of post.”

I am extremely pumped to blog about House Neat House!

I am less thrilled to blog about Nutrition since I seem like I have such a wholistic view of nutrition nowadays (Consume genuine food. Consume whatever in small amounts. Move your body. Love your body. Take pleasure in life!) that I’m not extremely thinking about things like vitamins and protein.

I believe if you concentrate on consuming genuine food those information are lesser. However you men plainly appreciate nutrition and healthy living so I will do my finest to keep sharing on these subjects, maybe with a more individual spin.

I’m not shocked by this at all! I am the exact same method. Unless I am looking for something– then I desire ABSOLUTELY NO character and the individual to Haha.

As I stated in the study, we do not have a podcast in the works. My sibling asked me about one and I tossed this concern in. I informed her if she did all the tech things I ‘d assist host! Perhaps it will be a 2022 strategy: )

Likewise of note: much of the 10% of stated they would not listen to our podcast compose in the remarks area that it was just since the only listened to Real Criminal activity or Funny podcasts not since they didn’t enjoy us << 3

Hey 68%– did you understand I send a weekly PERSONAL e-mail with a few of my ideas from the week, links to posts you might have missed out on, seasonal dishes, and in some cases unique offers? Algorithm evidence your blog site reading >>>> > >

Ask Me Anything: Your Responses

Within the study you men left many terrific remarks outdoors ended area– thank you A Lot for all of the sweet words!!!!

Here are a few of the concerns you asked!

Do you still delight in blogging as much as you utilized to?

This is an excellent concern! I definitely still enjoy blogging when I have a subject I’m ecstatic about (like this post– it was enjoyable!) However what I do not love is the perpetual pressure to come up with content day after day, week after week.

Tina and I had a fantastic convo about this on her podcast just recently about the advantages and disadvantages of the old and brand-new school techniques to blogging. Back then I released posts all the time however I never ever needed to consider the future since I could not pre-write my material. It was releasing and I lived more in the minute.

Nowadays I have versatility in my day, however I’m constantly fretted about the next week or the next week. I require that versatility since of the kids, however it suggests that I constantly have next week’s post hanging over me. I truly require to find out a method to fix this issue!

This possibly too individual. Please overlook if so. Ideas about why individuals different. You have actually been through it yourself so a clearness of why it can take place and might take place once again for individuals.

I believe the most significant factor, which is rather real for me, is that your way of lives simply do not absolutely fit together. It’s not about what you like or do not like however how do you wish to live? What are you everyday worths? When these things fall out of positioning it makes sharing a life even more tough. Often you can repair it and in some cases you can’t.

Thank you for being my go to blog for 12 years! Back then, I liked your 3 posts a day, today I enjoy the range. I seem like you have actually struck the best balance of nutrition, dishes, domesticity, items and so on. You might have currently published about these things and I could have missed it– how does your squiggly line effect the options you make when eating in restaurants (more like purchasing takeout nowadays) and what’s your go to produce supper meal when you simply do not seem like cooking? Thank you once again for all of the unbelievable material you share and for standing and revealing what you think in– BLM and Go Biden/Harris!!!

Thank you! I believe when I head out I’m concentrating on 2 things: balance in my day and how I will feel at the end of the meal.

If I had a huge salad for lunch, I’m most likely to avoid one at supper. If I had a substantial lunch, I may get a salad for supper. I have actually likewise found out with time to consume whatever I desire however not get too complete. That lesson originated from eating way too much till I was complete method a lot of times!

I likewise seldom overdrink nowadays. I believe these practices have actually all been found out and constructed into my instinct in time instead of as mindful options. It in fact seems like the height of the squiggles in the line are smaller sized now. I require to compose a post about this!

Veteran reader and enjoy your material! I ‘d enjoy a podcast and was likewise questioning if you’ve ever thought about supplementing with a vlog or YouTube channel videos? I view more of those nowadays and truly enjoy them. Delighted New Year!

Mazen has actually influenced me to put more material on YouTube– lol! I utilized to believe a YouTube video needed to be long and sleek, however I’m understanding that some can be brief and casual.

So my response is possibly. I’m unsure that’s the very best usage of my time today though! The number of individuals in fact sit and view videos on YouTube? I require another study for that since I sure do not.

I ‘d have an interest in a post about the advantages and disadvantages of a huge age distinction in between your kids. If I have more, they’ll most likely have to do with 5 years more youthful than my twins. Likewise, naturally it makes good sense that you seldom discuss Matt and his household any longer, however I was considering his mommy’s cancer a couple of years back and hope she’s succeeding nowadays.

Karen is a wonder and succeeding! She has actually beat the chances. We talk from time to time on Voxer!

And I enjoy our kids’s age space. I believe the hardest part is that the parts of each age that are simple are challenging for the opposite age. Having each of them individually is really simple however having both together is in fact a bit more tough since they are so various in their requirements.

Days when we simply have Birch are a dream, and when Birch remains in school and Mazen is at house are likewise a dream! Both of them at the exact same time is difficult and loud– ha.

Perhaps that holds true for all households with more than one kid? General though it’s been terrific and they do play together well a few of the time.

Combining financial resources with a brand-new partner– I enjoy your budget plan posts and wonder how you dealt with that with Thomas– possibly too meddlesome and individual however I believe it would be fascinating

I do not keep in mind all of the specifics of our timeline, however I believe when we relocated together we combined all of our home costs and ended up being joint. Which truly indicated I included him to my inspecting account that became our joint account. He has his own bank account for “enjoyable” things and I have my budget plan line in our budget plan (since I do the budgeting) for my individual costs so we each have our own enjoyable cash, which I believe is very important in any relationship!

Once we were wed we did wills and joint financial investment accounts– the huge things.

You appear to fit a lot into your home, however it does not seem that huge, the number of sq feet is it? Is that odd? If it’s odd you can overlook!

It’s 3500 sq feet. It’s a lot larger in the back than the front. I believe it’s too huge on paper, however when I truly consider all the areas– we utilize and value all of them. I do want we might take some square feet from our basement and include it to our primary living location.

Not a problem however useful criticism: I completely comprehend that you require advertisements on your website however the banner advertisement along the bottom makes it really tough to read your posts. It typically conceals part of a picture or etc so that you never ever can see the complete picture. Extremely disruptive and makes it less pleasurable. I really do not imply to grumble simply wished to share my viewpoint.

I would enjoy to eliminate all the advertisements– believe me. That’s why I’m hoping all of my side hustles remove and make a lot of cash and after that I can retire my advertisements Would you pay into a subscription website to have all the advertisements eliminated? I understand some blog writers have actually done that– the websites are tidy and the fans pay to run it rather of the marketers. I seem like that would be a lot more difficult to do however!

Could you do a post about monetary success with Charm Counter? What level are you? Executive director? The number of individuals remain in your down line? How does the earnings stream work?

I’m a Director and I have about 30 females on my group. When I signed up with, I stated I declined to have a group, however in time individuals have actually concerned me and it’s been a truly enjoyable part! We are really collective and brainstorm concepts together– the neighborhood element makes it more enjoyable.

Beautycounter is a direct sales business and we are paid commission on our sales so it’s much like becoming part of an affiliate program like Amazon, Rewardstyle, and so on however with much greater commission rates.

I understand it’s really polarizing (many of you commented in the study that you desired absolutely nothing to do with it), however I think in the brand name and the business and am grateful for the numerous you who enjoy it too!

Kath, I truly enjoy your writing design, and yes, reading your posts use a life shared experience in some way, like “entering into your bestie’s house” as you composed a few days ago. I want to hear a truthful view on the task as a blog writer, is it a full-time devotion or how can you live your life with a cam in your hand at all times? How invasive is it? How do you cope? Likewise, how do you cope in basic needing to publish so typically and be so present in social networks? I discover it stress and anxiety provoking. Thanks and pleased vaccine year!

This is an excellent concern! I have no battles with living online so long as I’m selecting what is released and what isn’t. I do not believe I might be on a truth TELEVISION program (other than Survivor!)

I enjoy that I have my life recorded, however I do question what it would resemble to be absolutely unplugged. (And I require to absolutely disconnect on my trips more!)

I am absolutely addicted to my phone and innovation, however I do not believe it’s affecting my life in a genuinely unfavorable method in the meantime. I am asking myself where my time is finest invested however.

I like when any blog writer is genuine. I desire more, my kids are badgering me, my home is a mess, I attempted this t-shirt from amazon and I appear like a fool etc, and so on and so on. Bothers me when whatever is take a look at my best life and best photos etc and so on

Kept In Mind

Have you ever had issues with Mazen as a young child with concerns to power battles? My toddler-Boy is around a year older than B and he is getting so strong however likewise strong-willed- a lot battling now. I constantly like to check out other moms and dads’ viewpoints.

OMG yes. Mazen is extremely strong-willed. Parenting him is hard to this day, nevertheless, I have actually selected not to elaborate on these problems for his personal privacy. I have actually constantly attempted to draw the personal privacy line at sharing pleased memories like a trip vs. blogging about battles.

Curious if you intend on having more kids?

I do not intend on having anymore, however that does not imply I would not like more. 2 feels really well balanced to me though.

I have actually handed out each and every single infant product we owned too, so having another would imply going back to square one! If were more youthful (like 30) I would think about 3, however I’m getting old! I believe Thomas would state yes immediately if I truly desired a 3rd.

What is your holy grail oatmeal? I’m an oatmeal fan too!

I do not make it enough, however I ENJOY traditional whipped banana with home cheese stirred in!!

I truly enjoy your organizational posts and am continuously in wonder of your company! I have some truly particular things I battle with organizationally that do not constantly appear on your studies. For instance, old electronic devices like fitbit that still works (sell or distribute?). Do you keep things from your youth? I have these dolls from my grandma and I do not understand what to do with them! Letter coats, bridal gown, and so on. Do you ever battle with those kinds of things? Nostalgic mess I think is what I may call it. Thanks a lot Kath! I truly enjoy your posts!

Absolutely offer or distribute the Fitbit. I tend to simply consider that type of things away since I believe selling is never ever worth the time for old tech.

I believe all of us battle with emotional mess! Both of my bridal gown are folded in the attic. I do have one youth memory trunk. Take a picture of the dolls and provide to an antique shop or school who will enjoy them. I need to most likely offer my bridal gown to a theater department or a program who provides gowns to those in requirement. I believe you’ll feel much lighter once the things is gone– simply discover a method to maintain the memory (photos are the very best!)

I’m a long period of time reader and I desired you to understand that your favorable yet down to earth posts have actually kept me returning every year. Although I’m closer to your mommy’s age than yours, I have actually found out a lot from your blog site. I question if you understand what a present your voice has been to many throughout these covid times? You are a favorable force so required in this insane world. Keep doing you Kath! PS would ENJOY a podcast!


Have more concerns?

Leave them in the remarks and possibly I’ll do another variation of this at some point!

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